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Myth's, Yoga -

The Myth's of Yoga

Tons of people around the world are wanting to embark upon the Yoga journey.

Unfortunately many of them have false beleifs about why they are not cut out
for Yoga or why they could never practice.

Let's take a look at a few of those myth's and why they are not true.

1. You have to be felxible to do Yoga.

Not being flexible is the reason why you should do yoga. And in case you don’t
have enough flexibility to do some asanas, there are always yoga blocks and other
yoga props to help you master any pose.

2. Yoga is for young people.

Nothing can be further from the truth. It’s impossible to be too old to start yoga.
In fact, we recently read about a 100-year old yogi who went to her first yoga class
at the age of 67. At 97 she was still doing headstands, and she didn't skip her weekly
yoga class on her 100th birthday.

3. Yoga is for Woman.

They say that in America only about 20% of all people doing yoga are men. It does seem with
all the advertising being geared towards woman that Yoga is an excercise or stretching menat for woman. But
yoga is equally beneficial for both men and women.

In India where yoga was born, men are involved in yoga as much as women are (if not more).
And the most noted yoga practitioners are men.

Many sportsmen do yoga as it helps them greatly to relieve the sore muscles after exhausting games,
and many men are prescribed yoga as a second to none cure against the lower back pain. And if you are
concerned about not being able to do some poses, you can always do yoga at home.

We hope we have busted some of these Yoga myth's for you. Now go get your Yoga On!

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